Summer is here and we are (finally!) able to get out and about and have some fun. You’ve already got that summer bod, babe, now it’s time to make sure you have a glowing complexion to match! Follow these tips below and your skin will be glowing allllll summer long.

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  • The benefits of exfoliation & why it is important

    The low-down on exfoliation



    So, you have your skincare routine down-pat, cleansing, moisturising, and sunscreen-ing to achieve gorgeous, healthy, bright, moisturised skin - but babe, if you’re not regularly exfoliating, your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be.

    There’s just something about exfoliating that feels so amazing and refreshing – I know you know what I’m talking about – and it almost immediately makes your skin look and feel better. We dive into the deep deets below about what exfoliating is and why you should be doing it regularly. Read on for envy-worthy skin!

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  • The benefits of booty wraps & how they work

    The benefits of booty wraps & how they work

    Here’s the tea: Booty Masks are the new product on the block that are taking the beauty world by storm, and there’s good reason for it - I mean, who doesn’t want a scrumptious butt?

    You take super good care of your face, skin, hair and nails, so don’t let your booty get left behind (yes, pun intended 😉 ). Are you ready to take the leap and try some butt stuff (not that butt stuff - beauty butt stuff!)?

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