November 05, 2021


By D R



Summer is here and we are (finally!) able to get out and about and have some fun. You’ve already got that summer bod, babe, now it’s time to make sure you have a glowing complexion to match! Follow these tips below and your skin will be glowing allllll summer long.

1. Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen should defs be part of your daily skincare routine, especially under our harsh Aussie rays. Make sure to apply first thing in the morning and reapply throughout the day to protect your skin from any damage (hot tip - don’t forget your hands, feet, lips or ears!). We recommend Ultra Violette - with a wide range and high SPF protection, they’re bound to have a sunscreen that suits your skin (and we love their gorg packaging!).

2. Moisturise

Keep your skin soft and supple by applying moisturiser before sun, as well as before bed each day. Spoiler alert! An extra layer of sweat does not count - even if your skin feels oily, you still need to moisturise (and don’t forget your body). Booty Lab products include moisturising ingredients - no need to moisturise once you’re out of the shower, babe. Plus, our masks can be left on to be used as a moisturiser. Winning!

3. Keep Hydrated

We all love a sneaky bevvy on a hot summers day, but make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water! This keeps your skin hydrated and flushes out any toxins from your body. Take a bottle with you wherever you go (we also love to add fresh fruit such as strawbs to make it extra tasty - it’s basically Pimms, right?!).

4. Go Easy on Makeup

Going minimal with your makeup is best during summer months, as it allows your skin to breathe when the weather is super hot, humid and sticky. Swapping out heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser is a great alternative to stop your skin from clogging up. Anyone else just sweat their makeup off in summer anyway? No? Just me?


5. Exfoliate

A glowing skin essential! Exfoliating 1-2 times a week buffs away any dead skin cells and unclogs the surface to leave your skin looking radiant. If you’re sunburnt (happens to the best of us babe!), skip the exfoliation to give your skin time to heal on its own. Packed with nutrient rich ingredients, Booty Lab scrubs are your exfoliating partner in crime, leaving your skin feeling and looking brand new 😍

6. Self-tan

At the risk of sounding like your mum, there is nothing healthy about a tan! Although we know it’s tempting to skip the sunscreen to get a natural tan, unfortunately it damages your skin (even if it’s not painful!) and is so not worth it in the long run. Self-tan is the best way to live your best bronzed life. There are so many great self-tanners out there - we recommend Luna Bronze for a gorgeous even glow (plus they’re vegan, cruelty free, and made from natural and organic ingredients. LOVE!).

7. Add Vitamin C

A year round favourite, Vitamin C comes into its own in summer, helping to prevent hyperpigmentation, increase collagen production, and improve the appearance of fine lines. Add a Vitamin C serum into your summer skincare routine between cleansing and moisturising. We recommend Go-To’s Much Brighter Skin for your daily dose of radiance.

Sunglasses Cute bikini Glowing summer skin Babe, you’re ready to hit the beach!