Happy woman with a child


I was once getting an anti-cellulite skin rejuvenating treatment at a high-end spa.
I was treated to a whole-body exfoliation session that was followed by essential oil massage, and finally, my bottom half was lathered in a rich, buttery textured lotion and wrapped in some sort of cling film. Before I could  ask what the cling film was for, I was ‘burritoed’ in a thick blanket and left like that for half an hour. 
The time passed quickly. There was a hot sensation coming from where they had wrapped me, and it felt warm and cosy. Eventually I was released from my cocoon and was asked to wash the treatment off.
I stepped into the bathroom and couldn’t believe my bottom – the skin was so soft and silky and smooth to the touch that I couldn’t keep my hands off myself! My skin was warm and glowing! This was something I wanted all the time! Not just on the one off occasion at some beauty spa.
I remember the exact thought, as I walked out of the Spa feeling confident, relaxed and happy. “I wish I could have that more often, without having to spend hundreds!” This was the thought that started my journey into creating Booty Lab by D.
Our sculpting range has been thoughtfully formulated with the most common skin concerns in mind. My priority was to make sure it truly works and gives your skin the benefits it deserves, while being gentle. It might be new, different and unusual - but that was the point, and I hope you love it!
With love, D